Thursday, April 30, 2009

Job Two (on list three on page four of things that must be seen to urgently)

Image via Notebook
Job two this weekend is to clear my desk so that there is always room for fresh blooms and a pot of tea - I may need to purchase a new teapot, from this point forward to be referred to as 'the office pot' that is up to the task and looks suitably inviting. Additionally I probably need three cloth bound notebooks to ensure my notes all look particularly creative, clever and noteworthy. Noted!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Photo Frames via Notebook
I love having photos where you can see them. Children are drawn to them and it provokes memories otherwise forgotton in the rountine of the day. My project this weekend is to take the five frames the same as those above and attach white corded ribbon to the back and hang long on the bathroom wall. I am putting photos of the boys in the bath with their cousins, best friends etc. It seemed like a sweet idea and they even have a photo with their cousin in a bath in Manhattan. It keeps us talking about the people we love and those we wish were here.

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Place to Reflect

We all need a place to reflect, if one isn't planned it can just as well be created. Everyone needs something a little different from their space, what's in yours?

image via architectural digest

image via architectural digest

Image via architectural digest

To Beach Is To Love

It's a beach thing - whenever I arrive home from the beach I am drawn to things white. I dream of a whitewashed beach shack with timber floors, collected shells (not bought), a big white loungey couch on my generous deck where the children lie in their hamocks after a day surfing reading books (and generally having a little quiet time) whilst I have my own with a good cup of tea, hmm, make that a gin and tonic. Oh, wait a minute, there's my good husband BBQing some prawns and bugs on the BBQ to serve up with the fresh loaf of bread and lemon. Too perfect x

Alvar Aalto Savoy Vase

Sophie Conran
White Ceramic Magazine Holder

Really Linda Barker
Sea Urchin Tea Light Holders

Friday, April 24, 2009

Surfs Up!

Have a great weekend - heading up to Noosa with surfboards, boogie boards in tow. xx

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pitter Patter Crash Bang

Children's rooms are just lovely to play with. There's endless options and for the young the opportunity to create a dream space is very enticing however children grow and finding the balance between the young child's room and the young adult's room can be a challenge - even more so for boys. I found a couple of these items in Elle Decor and think that they give a great option to the red white and blue so often fallen back on for boys growing up. I had to throw in the Delight Lamp Shade regardless, just because I love love love it!
Am still working at shaping this blog to the mould I would like so hopefully you will find a more refined and directional journal of images in the next couple of weeks. Heading to the beach for a couple of days tomorrow so wishing you a sunny weekend of laughs.

Delight Drum Shade by Innermost

Wonderwall Rug by Avalisa
Links Reversable Throw Quilt by notNuetral

Kartell Lou Lou for Kids -

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Top of the Pile

Align Center
Lifestyle Cushions at Signature Prints

I can only feel that my love of coffee is closely related to my love of cushions and cushiony things. Possibly any excuse to recline in comfort with a hot drink and good book, mag, friend...please insert. Such a lovely piece is the cushion that it also becomes a focus for lovers of fabrics, tassles, lounges, beds, daybeds, sunbeds, nightime and sunlight to name just a few. Being also an ardent admirer of women in design the beautiful fabrics based on works by Florence Broadhurst and reproduced by Signature Prints also keep me coming back for more.

Tea, Coffee, Me.....!

Morning Tea by Judith Crowe via

I am currently trying to give coffee a bit of a break. Crazy, fightin' words I know. It's strange I had no problem dropping coffee when I had my boys, however, without such incentive and only health and sleep etc at stake I can't commit. I see it as a short term digression as it simply won't cut as a lifestyle choice when we get to Paris in six weeks, but surely in the interim I could give it a go. I work heavily on incentives and all things pretty and packaged also catch my eye so I am looking to tearooms for inspiration. Lovely tearooms with histories and mismatched crokery, lace and linens, gossip and lemon slices. Below are a couple of favorites for you to share whilst you enjoy a hot cuppa of Orange Pekoe - even the tea names are appealing I may get there yet.

Tea Room Interiors via

The Russian Tea Room, NY

Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Week, Clear Vision

Morning Swim at Tallow Beach by Asahel Bush
This would be my preferred way to start the week and clear my morning head. The reality, however, is a little different and involves strong coffee and small children. Regardless I will keep this image in my head to fend off the given procrastination that follows the development of business plans and general household survival planning. As I wash my face in the morning it is Tallow Beach I will be dreaming of.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Simple Loves for Home

Freesias in White Spherical Vase by Michael Paul
I love fresh freesias in the bathroom. How lovely with the morning sun and the scent of freesias. Its astounding how a small posy of flowers can help you start the day feeling just that bit fresher and content with the simple things.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Drinks Anyone!

The terrace of the Hotel Poseidon, Positano

Perfectly Positano

I know it may appear I am straying from things of design, however design is so integral in the daily aesthetic of France and Italy, I feel I am more than safe to venture into travel talk. Before those that know me start to pelt tomatoes at the screen, the countdown is now on. The 3rd of June is just around the corner and the excitement is building. My husband is in worry mode about leaving our boys and we are currently vacillating between taking them or us taking separate flights and on it goes. I have popped on a photo of where we are staying in Positano - the Hotel Poseidon. It was recommended in Amanda Tabberer's book, the images in the website are positively gorgeous so I am looking forward to landing here after several mad train transfers from Provence. I have also added a little image from the terrace of the hotel. Please don't waste your tomatoes xx

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Perfect Gumboot for Provence

Tamara Henriques Toile Hunter Gumboot
I adore this gumboot, which sounds a little odd when you type it, yet even I am having trouble reconciling with the cost just to walk down to the creek with the boys to build a dam. However I have less trouble if I pretend I am strolling through my lavender garden in Provence, then it all seems to make perfect sense.

Provincial Dining

Inside-Outside Furniture and Homewares, Fortitude Valley
It would be worth the cost of a small farmhouse in Provence just so I could hang my white dove pendant.

Back on Track

Carrying on from my previous and unresolved post, I see this journal as the perfect profile of a small design based business I have been dwelling on for the past 10 years or so. As much as I love what I do and have been very privileged to have wonderful clients over the years my aim would be to focus on one home a year and run a small design focussed business with a vision for all things lovely. This however is under development and more will be revealed along the way. In the meantime I would love to share with you finds that come my way.
Have just been looking up B & Bs in Provence, so am under a little French influence at present.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hummingbird Wall Hanging - Bride and Wolfe

I love this, I am always on the look out for the perfect wall hanging for an all white bathroom and this gives just the right amount of prettiness to a personal space - the fellows can have their own bathroom I say.

Climbing Girl Wall Hanging - Bride and Wolfe

I have two wonderful boys, but can't help myself around pink girly rooms - I wonder if they have an Intrepid Boy wall hanging

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter!

Where is This Headed?

I believe I now know where this is headed. I love architecture, however I am not an architect of any great scale. I love the scale of everyday living. I admire the scale and vision of architectural greats. It blows my mind really, when I look at the amazing buildings that have started out as a concept that grew and was. This however, is not for me. I really enjoy creating home spaces that work for people and living niches they grow fond of and want to be in and a part of. I love that some architects have minds for great detail in design and of physical enhancements, but for me it is the connection of spaces that connects a family to a home not just a beautiful house. People all live a little differently and it is always fascinating to be the one to help open the scope of the possibilities in their living arrangements and work with them to find the best one for them.

I was fabulously fortunate in that when I started architecture I worked for a gifted architect and artist, Des Biggs. He taught me that whilst there was architecture, art, photography, furniture design etc etc - the European way of thinking was that there was really only design . You were either a designer or you weren't. This way of thinking has given me a wonderful opportunity to design homes for clients right down to a small piece of furniture in the sitting room and there you have it - it can be the simple things that make the home.

Not quite a direction as to where this is headed but I will save that for tomorrow.

Wishing all a safe and happy Easter

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Travel Bug

I am currently in the throes of organising itineraries for a few trips this year - big and small - the first off the runway, is so exciting. Myself and my husband are heading to Paris followed by Positano and Rome. Being a list person the thought of organising the itinerary for the trip was itself alone pretty exciting. I find it is an excellant source of inspiration for procrastination. It is a double edged sword of sorts as we are travelling without our children - 3 and 4- this is the first time we have been away without. We took them with us to Manhattan a couple of years ago, and whilst we pretty much walked every street from the Meatpackers District to Central Park, we didn't actually spend a lot of time inside anywhere. This time 'Ma Ma' is moving in and we are off together with no one to organise but ourselves for two and a half weeks.
I have been thoroughly inspired by my husband, who gave me a very large box wrapped in a ribbon for Christmas containing a number of fabulous books on Paris, from art and architecture to cafes and photograpy - I will have them listed in a couple of days. Just Gorgeous! Au revoir x

Spontaneity here I come!

Hello, Please bear with me and this is my first blog. Expect a few revisions as there has been little, read no, planning prior to the moment. However I am in a constant state of finding myself uncovering fabulous finds and passing through precious moments that, in the haste of daily living are enjoyed for too few a moment. I would love to use this as an open journal of the simple things that can change a moment, or a space or even a thought. Simple things to love and live with.
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