Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Perfectly Positano

I know it may appear I am straying from things of design, however design is so integral in the daily aesthetic of France and Italy, I feel I am more than safe to venture into travel talk. Before those that know me start to pelt tomatoes at the screen, the countdown is now on. The 3rd of June is just around the corner and the excitement is building. My husband is in worry mode about leaving our boys and we are currently vacillating between taking them or us taking separate flights and on it goes. I have popped on a photo of where we are staying in Positano - the Hotel Poseidon. It was recommended in Amanda Tabberer's book, the images in the website are positively gorgeous so I am looking forward to landing here after several mad train transfers from Provence. I have also added a little image from the terrace of the hotel. Please don't waste your tomatoes xx

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