Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tea, Coffee, Me.....!

Morning Tea by Judith Crowe via www.fineartamerica.com

I am currently trying to give coffee a bit of a break. Crazy, fightin' words I know. It's strange I had no problem dropping coffee when I had my boys, however, without such incentive and only health and sleep etc at stake I can't commit. I see it as a short term digression as it simply won't cut as a lifestyle choice when we get to Paris in six weeks, but surely in the interim I could give it a go. I work heavily on incentives and all things pretty and packaged also catch my eye so I am looking to tearooms for inspiration. Lovely tearooms with histories and mismatched crokery, lace and linens, gossip and lemon slices. Below are a couple of favorites for you to share whilst you enjoy a hot cuppa of Orange Pekoe - even the tea names are appealing I may get there yet.

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