Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Travel Bug

I am currently in the throes of organising itineraries for a few trips this year - big and small - the first off the runway, is so exciting. Myself and my husband are heading to Paris followed by Positano and Rome. Being a list person the thought of organising the itinerary for the trip was itself alone pretty exciting. I find it is an excellant source of inspiration for procrastination. It is a double edged sword of sorts as we are travelling without our children - 3 and 4- this is the first time we have been away without. We took them with us to Manhattan a couple of years ago, and whilst we pretty much walked every street from the Meatpackers District to Central Park, we didn't actually spend a lot of time inside anywhere. This time 'Ma Ma' is moving in and we are off together with no one to organise but ourselves for two and a half weeks.
I have been thoroughly inspired by my husband, who gave me a very large box wrapped in a ribbon for Christmas containing a number of fabulous books on Paris, from art and architecture to cafes and photograpy - I will have them listed in a couple of days. Just Gorgeous! Au revoir x

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