Thursday, April 9, 2009

Where is This Headed?

I believe I now know where this is headed. I love architecture, however I am not an architect of any great scale. I love the scale of everyday living. I admire the scale and vision of architectural greats. It blows my mind really, when I look at the amazing buildings that have started out as a concept that grew and was. This however, is not for me. I really enjoy creating home spaces that work for people and living niches they grow fond of and want to be in and a part of. I love that some architects have minds for great detail in design and of physical enhancements, but for me it is the connection of spaces that connects a family to a home not just a beautiful house. People all live a little differently and it is always fascinating to be the one to help open the scope of the possibilities in their living arrangements and work with them to find the best one for them.

I was fabulously fortunate in that when I started architecture I worked for a gifted architect and artist, Des Biggs. He taught me that whilst there was architecture, art, photography, furniture design etc etc - the European way of thinking was that there was really only design . You were either a designer or you weren't. This way of thinking has given me a wonderful opportunity to design homes for clients right down to a small piece of furniture in the sitting room and there you have it - it can be the simple things that make the home.

Not quite a direction as to where this is headed but I will save that for tomorrow.

Wishing all a safe and happy Easter

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