Thursday, May 7, 2009

Boys to Men

I just spied these images of India Hicks home on a recent post by What I love about them is the mix of masculinity and endearing feeling that you could just fit right in and feel at home. It is a very welcoming home with little pretension or expectation in spite of its fabulousness, what else could be expected of India Hicks.

Also and I think very importantly, it feels like a home where three boys could grow up and be three boys. I love the boys bedroom so very much and having two boys myself whom insist on sharing a room, its exactly the sort of space I would love for them.

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Amanda said...

Hi, thank you for the link :)

India's home is fabulous isn't it? I love that homely feel, I think it is a very attainable look as I'm sure all of her old treasures have been collected over time. It's not flashy at all.

Have a great weekend,
x Amanda

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