Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cool Spaces and Hot Coals

Image via architectural digest
We are currently having a landscape concept put together for a portion of our yard - fortunately a lot of it is quite steep and runs down to a creek so we don't have to think about it too much. One of my requests is a couple of trellised shady spaces around the childrens' play areas so we can sit and watch in cool comfort. In my dream it is just like the space above, however I would love a space a little more rustic just as much - I do love the lanterns though.
The image below though has given my another idea - a fire pit - maybe not right for the moment but as the boys grow. It is so clear out here at night I would love to use the outside areas more for gatherings esp for a family as large as ours. I'll add it to my list of hiding nooks, hammock nooks, vege garden, rose garden, provinical garden, rainforest corner and free on call gardener or two to keep it all looking fab.

image via cookie mag

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