Thursday, August 13, 2009

Getting My Groove Back

The joy of being in St Germain at Le Editeurs famous literary bar with Steven's lovely sister, whilst her just as lovely husband looked after their very very lovely sleeping baby near by. Oh and the joy of sharing a bottle of Baileys and a chocolate souffle. Oh so lovely.

Water does not get any bluer or clearer, but oh for our sandy beaches - Positano
Just try to imagine the scale as you look at the small speck of white to the bottom of the frame. Such was the construction and layout the Romans could fill this entire structure in ten minutes. Inspiring, but blood curdling.
The Spanish Steps, just a vibrant hum from the many who chose to sit and ponder the unseasonally hot day wandering through cobbled streets where one may amble into a Roman Forum centuries old or the latest interior design layout in Prada.

Paris - detail, wealth, art and history know no boundaries

I have recently had an unexplained hiatus from blogging and have found it very hard to get any momentum since our return from our trip, which in fact seems a lifetime ago. Soooooooo, I though the best way to kick start is to look to the simple things to love that have inspired me lately................Am feeling simply better already. I hope you enjoy these images half as much as I have.

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