Saturday, October 3, 2009

Any one know a rain dance?

images via flickr photograpy by victor eredel
I am a little late for Friday Faves and the whole of last week really. I have had a lurgy and generally feeling a little crappy along with two small children playing a game of fever swap. Feeling a little hot under the collar today I eyed off the pool thinking it may take the edge off and then remembered we have no water to fill it. We are ordering water almost weekly now for our tanks, the first time in four years. The weatherman keeps dropping the word showers into the forecast, I think as some course of reverse pychology daring it to actually happen. It's time to get serious, dust of those tap shoes and get some sort of rain dance happening. It's sounds just as promising as shooting canons into the clouds, hang on there are none of those either. ARGHH!

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