Friday, September 3, 2010

Welcome Spring!!

via australian vogue
I almost forgot to say welcome to spring, I hope to have you in my step when we return.  Enjoy your spring days, there is nothing quite like them. My spring image is children, park, bikes, blanket, coffee, paper and nothing planned for the whole day, mmm spring bring on the smiles. xx

Time to Regroup

So it is time for us to leave.  I had hoped to contribute so much more over the last month however we have had a few sad times lately and only just coming out the other side.  We are so looking forward to our holiday - my youngest is very much looking forward to going 'norkelling' in Candidasa though my eldest very disappointed we were only going two weeks not the four he had told his entire prep class. I thought I would add a few tantalising photos of where we will be staying.  I am sure we will return refreshed and invigorated - if you can't find some peace in Bali there is little hope.
The pool at our villa in Candidasa, East Bali - all ours and yes that is the beach you see!
Ma Ma's bed, I'm sure she will be happy with this view
Our Candidasa villa at night
Next we arrive in Ubud and this is the view from bath one, I don't think we need to worry about peeping toms
Discussions will have to had on who is claiming this bedroom
The pool area at the Ubud villa not for the faint hearted.
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