Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday is always my favorite day

peregian beach

So many reasons to love Friday - last day of school for the week ie no groundhog day routine of empty dishwasher, make lunch, dress children, rush children, no you dont have a tummy ache, yes you have to go to school, yes I know you are tired, no you can not go to the toy shop after school why do you ask as the answer is always the same - I have a fabulous event to attend today the MS Canapes and Canvas lunch with a lovely group of girls I don't get the chance to catch up with enough for a wonderful, worthy cause - and finally but by no means least my lovely husband is picking me up from said event and we are shooting straight up to the, relax as soon as we see the water and smell the sea air, Peregian Beach. If the waves are anything like the image above I will have three very happy boys with me.
Wishing you a lovely weekend x

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