Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Faves....Strummer


I really love Australian label Strummer, it is my first to follow whever browsing The Grand Social. I love their fabrics and lines. It is feminine without being fussy and soft whilst keeping these lovely clean lines. Very simple to love.

"In 2011 Edwina Hagon leads the way forward for Strummer with the newest collection for Spring 2011/12 titled ‘Halcyon Days’. The freedom found in earlier ranges has been paired with a new maturity. The resulting range encapsulates a sense of sophistication, reflecting the designer’s own development; with cuts becoming more complex and collections, more defined. As always, Strummer is shaped by its commitment to its own progression." Strummer

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Men's Edition

After a deja vu hit after publishing yesterday's post, I realised I had already published some of the photos from our Paris to Positano trip in 2009 IN 2009. So I decided to reset and do a special post with my husband in mind lover of watches and keeper of a quiver full of boards.

 Mr Porter has a new range of Luminex watches just in time for Christmas. The black brushed stainless steel not man enough for your man, just drop into the conversation these were "Designed for the US Airforce's F-117 Nighthawk pilots". Could they possibly get any cooler/tougher. For more timepiece fixes jump onto i-d online for quick view of their Sweat+Sacrifice=Success feature.

For cool but cutting edge I.D. Magazine has a feature on designer Thomas Meyerhoffer's namesake surfboard, the Meyerhoffer Board. In his words it is 'a shorter board in a long board'. Maybe not the thing for purists but I am sure most surfers would jump at the chance to try anything that has any potential to get even more out of their ride. I can say this with no authority whatsoever except that I live with a keen surfer.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday Snaps 2009 Part 1 - Paris

 I am currently trying to organise my photos into some sort of order before the next onslaught. I want them to be easy, ordered and accessbile. So easy to write to hard for my to get my head around apparently.
Anyway, of course in the doing, I have been distracted by the looking, which has quickly turned into the procrastinating. I thought I would share a few from our trip in 2009. These only serve to remind me how much I would love to head back to Paris.

 And on a final note, after meeting up with my sister in law, her husband and their beautiful baby - we all had travelled from Australia and we all happened to be in Paris for three cross-over days- what better way to end the evening.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Can't surf, can't do yoga but ...

 So excited my beautiful friend Rachel and myself are booked and finalised for our trip next May. We are  in the middle photo above. Well, that is not entirely true in that that is not true at all. However, I am sure after eight days of surfing, yoga, cycling and amazing food, it will be very difficult to separate images of us from the above. We are heading over to the Surf Goddess Retreat in Bali, I am almost just as happy to read the website over and over again.  Once again that is not entirely true either, I really, really want to go. Check out this video I say this confidently despite having never uploaded a video before.

Despite all the fabulousness of the above, what helped me decide was that Surf Goddess Retreats was passionate about giving back to it's community. ..." Surf Goddess Retreats supports a number of charities both in Bali and internationally - B.A.R.C. Bali Dog Adoption and Rehabilitation Center, Senyum - Smile Foundation of Bali, Jody Shae Orphanage, and KIVA - Loans that Change Life." May not seem a biggie, but it's the simple things that can help along our way.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Santa hold it right there!!

Quick note Santa if you can't pick up a Robert Brownhill this Christmas, I would be just as completely enraptured with a Rachel Levy photo printed on cotton paper.

"French artist Rachel Lévy photographs flowers that are past their prime: wilting, fading and revealing visible signs of decay. Nonetheless, captured in the last fleeting moments before perishing, they are strikingly beautiful. " - Stephanie Hoppen Gallery

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rain on Trees

Rain on Trees No.2

I was recently visiting the home of the very lovely Kate, when I spied her Robert Brownhall on her living room wall. It was wonderful and I felt my heartstrings tug. I wish I could increase the size of these images without losing quality. These are Robert Brownhall paintings, Rain on Trees No 2 and No 1 and I love them. This is exactly what it looks like from our deck looking over the valley as heavy rains or storms come across.  Robert Brownhall is an exhibiting artist over at the Philip Bacon Gallery in Brisbane and it is my mission to head over there before the holidays to stop and breathe in some of the rain mist.
Santa if you are out there ditch the list and just focus your energies/pennies on one of these.

Rain on Trees No.1

Monday, November 14, 2011

Reindeer Dolls

This very sweet print of reindeer paper dolls is a print of a mixed media piece by Munieca on Etsy. What a lovely Christmas treat for a little girl or three sisters framed up in a simple thick white frame. Clever people with beautiful ideas....
My project this week is to get my Nan's sewing machine from my aunt. She says she will be sad, I said not to worry I will buy my own, she says no don't be silly, I offer to buy hers, no she says I can have Nan's, I ask if I can take Nan's, she says she will be sad, I say I will buy my own ..... this is how my conversation with my aunt went over a period of an hour and a half this morning.  Result: I have come away with no sewing machine, but a promise she wants me to have it and by the weekend she may be ready. I am more than happy to by my own - see previous conversation - however I know the moment I do she will arrive with Nan's on my door step, only to be disappointed and cross I have purchased one elsewhere Patience, patience my dear is a virtue.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Where ever I lay my hat...

via   photo Simon Kenny

I used to be a mover. Not a mover and a shaker sadly enough, just a mover. I would spend forever scanning the pages of the real estate websites trying to find my next home. Planning around schools and transport, parks and coffee shops. I always felt we were a little too far away from the hub. However the more we settle into our plot here, and we have been here on and off for seven years, I think it will be very hard to leave. We have 12 acres most of which we never even set foot on. However there are plans afoot. We are at that point where we make this home, which works wonderfully for our family and we all love, realise it's full potential or we tidy up and look elsewhere, closer. We are thinking potential. This is the list at present - puppies, chickens, my shed/studio, secret garden - requested by the boys, platforms around trees for secret seven style meetings, full blown vege patch, shaded pathways and rough sawn trellis', I heard lap pool bandied around but can't be sure, possibly by the same nut who mentioned dirt bike track or skate bowl.  These things tend to take on a life of their own, the next job is to sort the good from the ugly. Obviously to begin this process I need to purchase a spanking new notebook and black fine point and wing it from there. No none of my current fifteen notebooks will do, this is a NEW project.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's going swimmingly

I have started swimming again. It has been a long time between drinks so to speak. However I am really enjoying it. It does start at the ungodly hour of 5am, ridiculous yes, however I am finding I am waking up naturally and words do not describe how good that first coffee is at 6.15 after an hour in the pool. I have only been twice so far however am optimistically aiming for three times a week as of next Monday. The group seem really friendly, yet what I really enjoy about swimming is the quiet. Actually there are a few things - the quiet, the put your head down and do it, not being aware (at this stage anyway) of what anyone else is doing, and the feeling that at the end of that hour of 35min drills and 25 min sprints I have done something for myself.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas Dressing

via EllensClayCreations on Etsy

We leave for our holiday before Christmas and I have been wondering about the merits of putting up the Christmas Tree this year.  I don't think it's something we can avoid. The boys love dressing it  and the whole thing kind of snowballs. Generally I just let them attack the tree from all angles and as high as a step ladder will take them. This year I was thinking about starting a theme ie blue and green etc. Two things have stopped me 1. They are children and Christmas is really for them, so they should be able to dress the tree anyway they like, there are enough rules every other day of the week. I can wait another 7 or 8 years then put my mark on it. 2. The little handpainted bird ornament I just found on etsy would not fit that theme and it is so lovely and apparently doesn't cost $30 for one ornament (a lot less in fact).

Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Faves

 Rue Mouffetard, Paris 1952 via

Dans un Train, Roumarie 1975 via

You have two chances to view images captured by the great Henri Cartier-Bresson in the next few weeks. If you are in Brisbane you can stop by the Qld Art Gallery for free up until the 27th of November and spend your time wistfully gazing upon pieces from the current exhibition. However should you be in Paris and have a few Euro on call, be sure to stop at Christie's Paris on 11th November and you could find yourself the owner of a signed 1999 print of Rue Mouffertard, Paris.  It's sale no is 1048 should you find yourself with a paddle in hand.

Pay attention to the detail

This beautiful and intricate artwork/jewellery is the work and passion of an Australian artist Anita Dineen. She lives the lovely life of someone whose work is their passion and is profiled in the November edition of Country Style.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's all the rage...and a bit tickly

Surely you have one. This is the lovely idea of Amorouscatsattic on Etsy. Feather shoulder epaulettes on elastic. All you need to dress up an old tshirt or the like. You could simply be dashing around in your favourite white tee during the day  and 'pardon, catch up for a Bellini this afternoon, sure I can be ready be then'. You whisk your feather shoulder epaulettes out or your handbag and Bob's your uncle. Potentially you will be looking so fabulous that Bob may actually be the devastatingly handsome man at the bar, who quite taken by you feather shoulder epaulettes, starts buying those Bellini on him.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More Simple Moments

More like a soggy moment, moments later this child will be swimming with carp a foot long

An offering, daily thanks
I had to add the elephant washdown at Taro

I like to travel. Surprising to many I do not travel to shop, it is not important to me. Apart from small items for those near to me, it would not bother me if I never shopped when away. I travel for small moments like these. The travel itself may seem grandiose, however it is nothing without each of these small moments in time. In one small moment we can learn, appreciate, reflect, indulge the senses and accept that whilst each of these actions can take place in any country, each country will leave it's own impression.
I love Bali and I love France. Two very different cultures and people. I would visit either in the blink of an eye because the simple moments that are in any country are there for the taking if you are prepared to stop and breathe a little..... and they have very little to do with shopping.
Disclaimer: This statement does not refer to window shopping in fleamarkets in Paris.

Simple Moments To Love from Bali 2010

Sketching all we saw
The White Sand beach outside Candidasa and fresh watermelon juice
Water lilies
A favourite place to think
First look into a jungle ravine

But wait there's more......

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rocky Mountain High

Well, we officially leave in 48 days for our holiday in Steamboat Springs Colorado. Everyone is beginning to get very excited. It is quite the expedition, there are six of us going, four adults and two children, so the logistics of coordinating the various arrangements have been interesting. Finally though we are set. We have 4 days in Disneyland whilst my brother-in-law and mother-in-law make their mark in Vegas. We all then meet up in Steamboat for the seven days.  It is the first time the boys will have seen snow and love they will get the chance to experience it as a white Christmas.  We have booked a sleigh ride complete with hot cocoa and Christmas Eve dinner will be looking out from  up on the mountain over the Christmas lights.
I have edited the  rest of this post as my husband suggested I sounded a little precious, so I reread and had to agree. I have imposed a self imposed preciousness censorship um.. thing on this blog. Hopefully I will pull my socks up and head in.

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