Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Men's Edition

After a deja vu hit after publishing yesterday's post, I realised I had already published some of the photos from our Paris to Positano trip in 2009 IN 2009. So I decided to reset and do a special post with my husband in mind lover of watches and keeper of a quiver full of boards.

 Mr Porter has a new range of Luminex watches just in time for Christmas. The black brushed stainless steel not man enough for your man, just drop into the conversation these were "Designed for the US Airforce's F-117 Nighthawk pilots". Could they possibly get any cooler/tougher. For more timepiece fixes jump onto i-d online for quick view of their Sweat+Sacrifice=Success feature.

For cool but cutting edge I.D. Magazine has a feature on designer Thomas Meyerhoffer's namesake surfboard, the Meyerhoffer Board. In his words it is 'a shorter board in a long board'. Maybe not the thing for purists but I am sure most surfers would jump at the chance to try anything that has any potential to get even more out of their ride. I can say this with no authority whatsoever except that I live with a keen surfer.

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