Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More Simple Moments

More like a soggy moment, moments later this child will be swimming with carp a foot long

An offering, daily thanks
I had to add the elephant washdown at Taro

I like to travel. Surprising to many I do not travel to shop, it is not important to me. Apart from small items for those near to me, it would not bother me if I never shopped when away. I travel for small moments like these. The travel itself may seem grandiose, however it is nothing without each of these small moments in time. In one small moment we can learn, appreciate, reflect, indulge the senses and accept that whilst each of these actions can take place in any country, each country will leave it's own impression.
I love Bali and I love France. Two very different cultures and people. I would visit either in the blink of an eye because the simple moments that are in any country are there for the taking if you are prepared to stop and breathe a little..... and they have very little to do with shopping.
Disclaimer: This statement does not refer to window shopping in fleamarkets in Paris.

1 comment:

parisapartment said...

Ahh haaaa~ I love your disclaimer!
You're right, it's all there for the taking.
Traveling is such a movable feast of an education!

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