Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rain on Trees

Rain on Trees No.2

I was recently visiting the home of the very lovely Kate, when I spied her Robert Brownhall on her living room wall. It was wonderful and I felt my heartstrings tug. I wish I could increase the size of these images without losing quality. These are Robert Brownhall paintings, Rain on Trees No 2 and No 1 and I love them. This is exactly what it looks like from our deck looking over the valley as heavy rains or storms come across.  Robert Brownhall is an exhibiting artist over at the Philip Bacon Gallery in Brisbane and it is my mission to head over there before the holidays to stop and breathe in some of the rain mist.
Santa if you are out there ditch the list and just focus your energies/pennies on one of these.

Rain on Trees No.1

1 comment:

the paris apartment said...

Just beautiful. They're so ethereal. I hope Santa heard you!

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