Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rocky Mountain High

Well, we officially leave in 48 days for our holiday in Steamboat Springs Colorado. Everyone is beginning to get very excited. It is quite the expedition, there are six of us going, four adults and two children, so the logistics of coordinating the various arrangements have been interesting. Finally though we are set. We have 4 days in Disneyland whilst my brother-in-law and mother-in-law make their mark in Vegas. We all then meet up in Steamboat for the seven days.  It is the first time the boys will have seen snow and love they will get the chance to experience it as a white Christmas.  We have booked a sleigh ride complete with hot cocoa and Christmas Eve dinner will be looking out from  up on the mountain over the Christmas lights.
I have edited the  rest of this post as my husband suggested I sounded a little precious, so I reread and had to agree. I have imposed a self imposed preciousness censorship um.. thing on this blog. Hopefully I will pull my socks up and head in.

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