Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Il Bisonte

For as long as I can remember I have loved il Bisonte. I think it started when I was in my late teens, early twenties and I landed my hands on a Remo catalogue - those from Sydney will remember Remo's iconic catalogue. I am not too fussy any il Bisonte will do, I will just need another twenty years or so to age it to perfection.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All that Glitters

For me Christmas is all that glitter and shines. People seem to lift at Christmas. It is as if, if we finish the year on a high this will then carry on into the New Year. Obviously this does not happen in a lot of areas around the world and last year it certainly did not happen locally. However there is a vibe around at the moment. It feels like everyone is making  every effort this year to rise above the year that has been so as to spurn any ill will as the New Year approaches. It is this hop,e this belief that eveything will be better given time that propels us forward through difficulty and grief.
We must allow ourselves these indulgences in thought, belief, faith. Daily life can present so many challenges. We need these sparkly glossy moments to regroup, regather, reassess. Believe in beauty and we get through the ugly. What is your sparkly moment may be very different to someone else's, we all find our light in different things.
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We had our own simple moment of light to love this week. Every year we give presents to the wishing tree and the local shopping centre. Up until now it has really be a process of going through the motions for the boys. This year we chose some presents they had asked for themselves and we took them up yesterday. We had a chat with the volunteer coordinating the donations and as we walked away I noticed they were both quietly smiling. I asked them how they felt and they both said they felt really happy. They said they knew another little boy somewhere was also going to be happy this Christmas. Simple thoughts but a bright sparkly moment in our day.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

What a week!

I have been tardy, well not just tardy but completely absent for a week. It has been a big week. Last weekend I turned 40, well Monday actually, but more of that later. It has also been the last week of violin break up lessons (3 afternoons), School concerts, Principal farewells and last week of School. We have had Christmas Cards, Kris Kindles, Candy Canes and literally hundreds of pieces of 'art" sent home from school completely enveloping our living spaces. Yesterday I managed to garner some semblance of control, today I anticipate I will triumph and order will prevail. Obviously this will all happen after I shoot out for the coffee, paper and crossaints.
However I have been having a lot of fun. Two weeks ago I celebrated my imminent birthday with our wonderful family and plenty of fine champagne. My side of our immediate family is but a handful however my husband if one of seven and as such numbers are made up quickly. We are seemingly one of the more more fortunate of family mixes where brothers, sisters, parents and partners all get along fantastically well. Any occasion is fun and full of laughter and usually a bit of cheekiness.
Last weekend we headed to Brunswick Heads for a last hurrah with a wonderful group friends. We stayed at the tried and true Hotel Brunswick. It is a icon of the area, not much has the changed at the Brunswick and we loved it. We had seven room so it was a little like a dorm, with someone always poking there head out there door when they heard voices in the hall in case they were missing out on something, or that may have just been Brett (well he is from Melbourne). The next morning four of the bravest went for 2hrs of surfing lessons in what was not particularly calm conditions. Thank you to Steve and James from Mojo Surf who were funny, fabulous, patient and persistant. Thank you to my fellow 'surfers' Rachel, Stephanie and Nikki who were tenacious, spunky in their wetsuits and 'carved it up' :-)  I peaked early and stood up on my first wave, and then, obviously not wanting to outshine the others, took my time to repeat the feat.
This weekend was not for the faint hearted and after our friends Sam and Matt drove 2 hrs with their baby to join us for lunch and drove back home again, we swanned our way through the afternoon (no naps permitted) and set out for a last minute dinner at about 8pm at a small tapas restaurant called Fat Belly Kat. This was the highlight - we had a table of 14 of the best, a fabulous host, amazing mouth watering food selected at the host's discretion, wonderful wine, music to move you and by the end of the night the restaurant to ourselves. The star's had aligned themselves that night. Then bang two days later I was FORTY! I have to say I have survived the days since better than anticipated. So here I am two weeks later forty and a little tardy.
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