Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All that Glitters

For me Christmas is all that glitter and shines. People seem to lift at Christmas. It is as if, if we finish the year on a high this will then carry on into the New Year. Obviously this does not happen in a lot of areas around the world and last year it certainly did not happen locally. However there is a vibe around at the moment. It feels like everyone is making  every effort this year to rise above the year that has been so as to spurn any ill will as the New Year approaches. It is this hop,e this belief that eveything will be better given time that propels us forward through difficulty and grief.
We must allow ourselves these indulgences in thought, belief, faith. Daily life can present so many challenges. We need these sparkly glossy moments to regroup, regather, reassess. Believe in beauty and we get through the ugly. What is your sparkly moment may be very different to someone else's, we all find our light in different things.
via Grazia
We had our own simple moment of light to love this week. Every year we give presents to the wishing tree and the local shopping centre. Up until now it has really be a process of going through the motions for the boys. This year we chose some presents they had asked for themselves and we took them up yesterday. We had a chat with the volunteer coordinating the donations and as we walked away I noticed they were both quietly smiling. I asked them how they felt and they both said they felt really happy. They said they knew another little boy somewhere was also going to be happy this Christmas. Simple thoughts but a bright sparkly moment in our day.

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