Monday, January 30, 2012

This is a private pool fence

via archdaily
Yes it is.... actually the Austrian based architects, Heri and Salli refer to this as a 'landscape fence' created to define/reframe the existing view of the lake, for the owner land. Just to clarify this is a private owner. Whoa! I would love to see what our local pool certifiers had to say about this.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Chinoiserie or not

Miu Miu via Net-a-Porter

via NSR Handcrafts

Lanvin via My Theresa
via Willowbrook Park

Everytime the conversation starts up about repainting our interiors my heads starts to spin a little. I am from the school of white on white for walls ceilings etc. It is a line of thought I have always sold to my clients "change your fabrics, artworks etc, but white on white will always give you the base to work from". However having done that for so long I find myself drawm more and more to Chinoiserie. It seems a little decadent and little lush and screams boudoir and who doesn't love something that screams BOUDOIR. I have already made small jumps in this direction, in readiness for the repaint I have a wall sized map of the world to hang in one of the boys' room and a wonderful mural reminiscent of The Faraway Tree to hang, well actually wallpaper, on the wall of my other boy's room. I am now thinking our room and possibly the entry. When is too much of a good thing too much, this is a question I have had difficulty answering my whole life (generally in respect to chocolate, wine, good food, etc etc etc)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Travel with Children Part 3

Legoland is waaaaaaay better than Disneland, just ask a 5 and 7 year old boy. Don't get me wrong we had a great time in Disneyland and know how lucky we were to go however by way of themeparks, I think we enjoyed the relaxed, low merchandising nature of Legoland more. It was an hour bus ride from Anaheim but that was ok, we got to see drive through an ACTUAL marine training base at Pembleton and drove past a Nuclear Reactor, yes a Nuclear Reactor. There is one in California apparently, the things you don't know.... until you are driving past a NUCLEAR REACTOR!  ANYwayyyy......
We arrived at Legoland, super super excited.
Legoland was easy, the lines were more than manageable, there was space and the kids were always visible.

But the highlight, apart from the mini land - fabulous, the boat ride-where you get to steer yourself, the driving school for over 7s with your own automatic lego car, the snow arena and on and on - we really could have spent another whole day there - was the Star Wars display. Each saga has a display or two and the detail is fantastic, it was almost too much to bear......

Photos by Joe
They also had a great choice of food and the best punnet of freshly cut strawberries I think we have ever tasted. We finished off with a 4D Clutch Powers movie and hour and a half trip home in LA traffic.We could easily have spent another day there, great fun.

For My Husband

Breitling Watch

Aged to Perfection

Tag Heuer Carrera Mikrograph

Monday, January 23, 2012

It's not good to slouch but ..... can you possibly resist in these gorgeous garments from the glorious La Garconne. Totally slouchable in the most fabulous of ways. Next find the perfect black slouchy pant to pair with my slouchy top, just what one needs on a wet and dreary day like today.
Being a slouch never looked so together.

Etoile Isabel Marant

Helmut Lang

Vanessa Bruno

Zero + Maria Cornejo

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012

Love this

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I love everything about this...

Beardsley's Lady

 Mum's Beardsley prints have made it from floor to wall this week, however it has become very clear they need a reframe and clean and maybe dropped about 200mm lower.
 The lady reading in her parlour will always be my favourite. Mum had it hanging above her reading chair, in a sunny corner. You could find her here most mornings around 5.30am with a cup of tea and the morning crossword. No words can describe the emotions this simple image invokes.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Elizabeth Blackadder

 Dark Hill Fifeshire, 1960 via

This is the painting that first captured my interest in the work of Elizabeth Blackadder  (1931). I loved the tones the texture and the contrast - simple. Looking further, I found her series of floral arrangements from a later period. They are loosely styled and wild in nature and feature some of my favourite flowers.

 Anenomes, Ranunculus and Narcissi, 1998 via

 Anenomes and Ranunculus via

Travel with Children Part2

 Disneyland - the happiest place on earth.  We did have a great time in Disneyland, one of the few times you will see the streets this clear is when the Christmas Parade is due.  Disneyland is all about timing. It is a BIG day, there are so many rides and so much ground to cover and so many people and so many many strollers.
Note 1 - we were in Disneyland from 18th to 22nd December, There were about 50 000 people, it was cool but not cold and a queue for a ride ranged from 45 mins to 2hrs. In peak season there are 100 000 and queues start at 2hrs and can be up to 3hrs wait for any ride.
A week after we were there, Disneyland suspended sales as it was too crowded. Wait times aside, I never saw one tantrum from one child in any queue. Amazing!

 After waiting 1 hour for the start of the Jedi training show. Ed was actually selected to train as a Padawan. (Please look up your Jedi dictionary)
Note 2 - Standing up in front of a crowd of people knowing Darth Vadar and Darth Maul are on their way can be a little daunting. When in doubt abort, abort and discreetly leave stage and sit with mum to enjoy the show.
 It is very pretty, Joe kept saying 'magical, magical' and it was, the lights at night are something to behold.
Note 3 - Trip Advisor does provide notes on how to manipulate the FastPass system to get the most rides booked possible. I however could barely process the process, let alone apply. We did book one FastPass for Indiana Jones, the boys were desperate to try. We applied for the pass at 11am and were given a booking time of 8pm that night.
Once we actually got on the ride that included a fifteen minute walk through various tunnels and caverns, the boys spent the entire ride with their eyes shut and hands over ears.
Note 4 - All rides are scarier in the dark. Do not underestimate the horror that is Pinocchio. Bugs Life brought on night terrors. Star Tours, Raging Rapids, Buzz Lightyear, Autopia and the Yellow Submarine all passed with flying colours

 One to the highlights of Disneyland for my boys was not in fact in the parks but the Lego store Downtown.
 Beware the stroller.
Note 5 - there were plenty of stands with fresh fruit and water. Americans do love a pickle though.

All in all we had a wonderful time, we saw the real reindeers being fed and rested. We saw the real Santa, at a very safe distance (I have not one photo of my children with Santa) in the Christmas parade. It was, fun, scary, busy, pretty, magical, exhausting, easier than expected. We learnt to be patient, to enjoy the moment and dodge strollers.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Travel with Children Part 1

So we made it back, it was interesting to say the least. The travel and distance was not the issue, but let's not jump ahead.  We are fortunate when we travel, that we have children that behave extremely well on planes. I am not saying this smugly, I say this knowing we are in a fortunate position. Away from the restrictions of home rules and regulations on viewing times, they are happy to stay glued to movies, inflight games etc for up to 10 hours, by which time they fall asleep for anything up to 7 hours or so. They only get up to use the bathroom.  This is survival of the fittest and I am happy to stick to this company line as it works for us. Soooo, flights for us are not the issue. However once we have landed energy tends to kick in and this can be a little more trying though generally they do very well. We had a small hiccup landing in the US though, we were kept on the walkway before entering customs for 20mins, there was one flight before us, apparently this was a major holdup. It was 6am, the heating was up to the max and just as we got to our customs officer, my 5 year turned white and threw up all over my husband.
Note 1:  On the plane take some jammies or trackies for a quick change after take off, comfort equals sleep and well comfort.
Note 2: Take a set of bottoms appropriate for arrival ie board in shorts, leave in jeans. PN I do this for the children, myself, I am happy to remain in layers and cannot bring myself to accept onboard jammies.
Note 3: All the above will give you at least one change of clothes in emergency, see above.
We got through customs, changed our clothes, jumped on the bus for the 40min haul to Anaheim. Got to Anaheim, every showered and in jammies for quick 2 hour sleep. But wait, aren't we one bag short. Yes, that would be the bag left on the carousel with all the children's clothes in it. Husband back in clothes on bus for 2hr round trip to airport and back.
Note 4: Do not let other people get your luggage, even if child white as a ghost and covered in vomit.

 Part 2 Disneyland

Friday, January 6, 2012

A Late Farewell to 2011

Before we left for our trip in December I dropped the ball a little, or rather I dropped the blog. There was a lot to do and not a lot of time to coordinate however one thing we did manage to do before we left was say goodbye to our family and shower them with our gingerbread - it went down a treat with all eleven cousins

I hope your Christmas was a sweet as ours xx
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