Friday, January 27, 2012

Chinoiserie or not

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Everytime the conversation starts up about repainting our interiors my heads starts to spin a little. I am from the school of white on white for walls ceilings etc. It is a line of thought I have always sold to my clients "change your fabrics, artworks etc, but white on white will always give you the base to work from". However having done that for so long I find myself drawm more and more to Chinoiserie. It seems a little decadent and little lush and screams boudoir and who doesn't love something that screams BOUDOIR. I have already made small jumps in this direction, in readiness for the repaint I have a wall sized map of the world to hang in one of the boys' room and a wonderful mural reminiscent of The Faraway Tree to hang, well actually wallpaper, on the wall of my other boy's room. I am now thinking our room and possibly the entry. When is too much of a good thing too much, this is a question I have had difficulty answering my whole life (generally in respect to chocolate, wine, good food, etc etc etc)


Anonymous said...

dedicated follower to simplethingstolove xoxo leigh

simplethingstolove said...

Thanks Leigh, we will get our shoe hit one way or another xx

Carla said...

Sounds like you are getting organised for the boudoir look!! Live a little extravagant in 2012.. hope we see pics when you finish.
Carla x

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