Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Travel with Children Part 1

So we made it back, it was interesting to say the least. The travel and distance was not the issue, but let's not jump ahead.  We are fortunate when we travel, that we have children that behave extremely well on planes. I am not saying this smugly, I say this knowing we are in a fortunate position. Away from the restrictions of home rules and regulations on viewing times, they are happy to stay glued to movies, inflight games etc for up to 10 hours, by which time they fall asleep for anything up to 7 hours or so. They only get up to use the bathroom.  This is survival of the fittest and I am happy to stick to this company line as it works for us. Soooo, flights for us are not the issue. However once we have landed energy tends to kick in and this can be a little more trying though generally they do very well. We had a small hiccup landing in the US though, we were kept on the walkway before entering customs for 20mins, there was one flight before us, apparently this was a major holdup. It was 6am, the heating was up to the max and just as we got to our customs officer, my 5 year turned white and threw up all over my husband.
Note 1:  On the plane take some jammies or trackies for a quick change after take off, comfort equals sleep and well comfort.
Note 2: Take a set of bottoms appropriate for arrival ie board in shorts, leave in jeans. PN I do this for the children, myself, I am happy to remain in layers and cannot bring myself to accept onboard jammies.
Note 3: All the above will give you at least one change of clothes in emergency, see above.
We got through customs, changed our clothes, jumped on the bus for the 40min haul to Anaheim. Got to Anaheim, every showered and in jammies for quick 2 hour sleep. But wait, aren't we one bag short. Yes, that would be the bag left on the carousel with all the children's clothes in it. Husband back in clothes on bus for 2hr round trip to airport and back.
Note 4: Do not let other people get your luggage, even if child white as a ghost and covered in vomit.

 Part 2 Disneyland

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