Friday, January 13, 2012

Travel with Children Part2

 Disneyland - the happiest place on earth.  We did have a great time in Disneyland, one of the few times you will see the streets this clear is when the Christmas Parade is due.  Disneyland is all about timing. It is a BIG day, there are so many rides and so much ground to cover and so many people and so many many strollers.
Note 1 - we were in Disneyland from 18th to 22nd December, There were about 50 000 people, it was cool but not cold and a queue for a ride ranged from 45 mins to 2hrs. In peak season there are 100 000 and queues start at 2hrs and can be up to 3hrs wait for any ride.
A week after we were there, Disneyland suspended sales as it was too crowded. Wait times aside, I never saw one tantrum from one child in any queue. Amazing!

 After waiting 1 hour for the start of the Jedi training show. Ed was actually selected to train as a Padawan. (Please look up your Jedi dictionary)
Note 2 - Standing up in front of a crowd of people knowing Darth Vadar and Darth Maul are on their way can be a little daunting. When in doubt abort, abort and discreetly leave stage and sit with mum to enjoy the show.
 It is very pretty, Joe kept saying 'magical, magical' and it was, the lights at night are something to behold.
Note 3 - Trip Advisor does provide notes on how to manipulate the FastPass system to get the most rides booked possible. I however could barely process the process, let alone apply. We did book one FastPass for Indiana Jones, the boys were desperate to try. We applied for the pass at 11am and were given a booking time of 8pm that night.
Once we actually got on the ride that included a fifteen minute walk through various tunnels and caverns, the boys spent the entire ride with their eyes shut and hands over ears.
Note 4 - All rides are scarier in the dark. Do not underestimate the horror that is Pinocchio. Bugs Life brought on night terrors. Star Tours, Raging Rapids, Buzz Lightyear, Autopia and the Yellow Submarine all passed with flying colours

 One to the highlights of Disneyland for my boys was not in fact in the parks but the Lego store Downtown.
 Beware the stroller.
Note 5 - there were plenty of stands with fresh fruit and water. Americans do love a pickle though.

All in all we had a wonderful time, we saw the real reindeers being fed and rested. We saw the real Santa, at a very safe distance (I have not one photo of my children with Santa) in the Christmas parade. It was, fun, scary, busy, pretty, magical, exhausting, easier than expected. We learnt to be patient, to enjoy the moment and dodge strollers.

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