Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Melissa Lujan

I orginally bought this painting to hang in Eddie's room, however changed my mind when I got home and snaffled if for myself. It is by an local Brisbane artist Melissa Lujan however try as I might I cannot find any information about her. Any ideas? I am also thinking of wall papering this wall, should I keep the painting where it is regardless or move it - though I think I would miss it - it is the perfect shade of blue, blue and blue for the room.

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Melissa Lujan said...

Hello, it is me you are looking for Melissa Lujan (no not Lionel Ritchie) the artist that painted Eddies painting. I would love to get in touch and I can provide you with some more information and examples of recent work. Love to hear from you. You would not believe how I heard about you trying to find me.
Kind regards
Melissa Lujan
0400 861 793

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