Monday, July 30, 2012

4 days on Moreton Island

 From our campsite we were able to capture a lovely view, perfect for afternoon wine and cheese accompanied by whale watching. A little chilly so we also had a fire on the burn to keep us warm into the night, along with thermals, socks, beanies scarves, blankets, red wine, hot chocolate, toasted marshmellows etc.

 The pristine beach of Moreton Island, the water was so very glassy green - the photo does not do it justice.

A glass of Moet is our style of camping (along with almost running out of drinking water and sharing washing water out of a bucket), this was our little picnic up near the rock pools of Yellowpatch. We had just spotted a wild boar and the kids were besides themselves. After a brisk walk to the lookout over Honeymoon Bay, Rach and I were also treated with some dolphin and whale spotting. Perfect x
Nothing makes  a camping holiday better though than the friends you share it with and whilst I would like to share more photos I make a point of not including photos of friends without their permission and I ran out of time to ask today. However we had three little boys and one crazy little girl, who all had a wonderful time and swam in ice cold water and learnt to fish (and catch one and each it fresh) and spotted whales, wild boars and sand taboggin on giant sand dunes doing 50km an hour. We also had four adults who prepared it, set it up, kicked back and enjoyed great company ( and food and wine). Lucky us, hey!

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