Saturday, October 20, 2012

Designer Markets

Apologies, computer issues this week have driven me crazy. I have been sitting in front of a computer that will not load, with my ipad and iphone trying to get some work done. I definitely need to get a bit more techy on how to intergrate all three and/or save up for a little laptop.
 I have a bit of work today, I need to photograph and listed the top item - I am also thinking a bracelet would be lovely - and I need to solder the rings on the blue babies below.
 Also I have these lovely piece of silver below just waiting to be worked.
News also, I have signed up for the Designer Markets in King George Square in Brisbane on 24th November. Would love to have some visitors, am a little nervous having to sell to actual people. It will be good experience, yes it will, I will have to practice some chat before I get there.

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