Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Multi tasking, sort of ish

A shot of my desk today, as I was trying to work on some form of marketing strategy for whilst applying the first coat of acyrlic to the first of a series of papier mache bowls I am making, whilst sorting the 140 silver links I have for a new necklace I needed to solder this afternoon. Shockingly I did not spill any water from the paint bowl or my coffee over the whol kit and caboodle. However just to mix the day up a little buster got his head stuck in a steel grid in the fence (fortunately I managed to manipulate it out again without the rural fire brigade, JUST!) snowy emerged covered in cobbler's pegs and a friendly tick or two from head to toe, running late on my way to the school Italian concert I had to pull  over whilst talking to my lovely friend Samantha and shake off a huge paralysis tick of my frock, though proceeded to scratch the entire concert as I couldn't shake the feeling.
Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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