Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers' Day xx

Wishing you a Happy Mothers' Day, as promised some of the lovely responses to the competition

My mum taught me unconditional love....and how to mix a great scotch and soda!

The thing I learned from my mum is to take the good days with the bad ones, the abundance with the scarcity.. because in all we have to keep on believing in love and all we can be grateful for.. and above all stay true to yourself, no matter what the rest of the world wants to make you believe!! Happy dAYS
My nan taught me how to respect a girl , from her past she told me how she felt and what she went through & for that i have as much respect for women as anyone could have. Knowing that respect has earned me the most beautiful girl in the world. I don't thank anyone except for my nan.
my mother taught me to stick up for myself nd wat i believe in. nd family comes first bloods thicker than water
 My Mum taught me honesty, integrity and love, she has shown me how to have strength in the face of adversity, the value of persistence, the calm that comes with patience. My Mum has shown me so much, given so much for me to be grateful for, and if I end up being half the person she is, I can be happy. Oh, and she also taught me how to cook
Most importantesson from my mum? Respect , she always told me with respect I will get very far in life
I am a mother of two boys. The most important lesson I have learnt from my mother is that loving someones means you do not have to always agree with their decisions, but that you should always support them and be there for them. I know that I have made decisions in the past that she has not been happy with or agreed with, but I have always been able to rely on her to support me and give me guidance, and know that she will continue to love and support me even if I do not go with her guidance. INVALUABLE!!!

I am posting this from the lovely Kate that came via email -

So this is about what my dear mum taught me. It’s a lesson I try to teach my kids everyday. And try and teach my husband too. Some days I can see it being played out and on others I need to remind them. I like to hear when this simple advice has worked for them. It’s a simple thing to remember. It’s about care and respect.
My mum always said and still says ”if you treat people and your things the way you want to be treated then these simple virtues will come back to you and hopefully last a lifetime. Care for them, respect them and always use good manners. But most of all, care and respect yourself, and others will treat you that way too – all the way down to your painted toenails!”
“O mum!” I say as I look at my dulling, chipped toe nail polish and hear her words ringing in my ears. Then I put my ballet slippers on instead of my nice new sandals and remember to paint my toes tonight, donn my good manners and remember to treat others with care and respect, grab my handbag and keys and off I go for the day.
I hope all day though that I do not run into my mum and she sees that I have not ironed my linen shirt – but rather that she sees I have learned on my own journey that conserving energy for things other than ironing (absolutely everything) are also important life lessons for a modern woman……I want my boys to learn that.

I love you mum, for all the things that you have taught me.
My Mum taught me patience and love, by showing me immense amounts of it and now I am a Mum i know how important patience and love is and I can only hope to be as good of a Mum as she is!
I've learnt that nothing is unachievable. My Mum went back to Uni at almost 40 and showed us that you can have a family and a career. Now I am showing my kids that too.
My mother has taught me patience, manners and to treat people with love and respect, this has been passed on to my own children, and I love her for that ♥
My Mum taught me to treat others as I wish to be treated, show manners, respect and compassion
my mum taught me to not sweat the small things :)
My Mum taught me to connect my brain to my mouth before speaking. Take a pause and think. It's a lesson I will pass onto my daughter however I will be adding, connect brain to fingers before typing. To take a pause and think before posting or emailing!
My mum taught me to work hard, to dam, to respect others, but most importantly, to believe I can do it.
My Mum taught me to love and respect myself first and foremost and to journey through life with a sense of adventure, a love for life and compassion for others

Over the years mum has fostered twenty five,
Always giving unconditional love complimented with the skills to survive,
She may not have had a biological child of her very own,
But gratitude and kindness she has always shown!
She use to say this from a very young age,
The meaning I didn’t understand and would often cause internal rage,
Until early adulthood,
This is when I really understood,
“There are two kinds of people in the world: those who pull you up and those who pull up down. ALWAYS identify the people who pull you up and show them an attitude of gratitude!”
The way I think, feel and behaviour is positively reflected from her words of wisdom and attitude!
Mum’s empowering personal beliefs have given me strength when weak,
Now I’m a mummy her insight on “life” I always seek!
This would look awesome on my wife to be and a great welcome gift when she migrates here from the UK in the next few months
I've learnt that my mum will give more then she takes. She's selfless and has taught me to be the same as her.

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