Monday, July 22, 2013

Adding Some Sparkle to Your Day

 A little dash of with a little pre-owned Miu Miu
I think I love the worn in look a little better than brand spanking new on these babies.
They may not be red, but they definitely make me want to click my heels three times - Hold on TOTO!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Rollercoaster That is Lost Wax Casting

 It all seemed simple enough, take home the wax and prepare it for the workshop this weekend. That is, carve the form you want to cast in sterling silver. So it was a little trickier than expected.
First there was the issue of the ring, which no longer resembled 'the ring'

 With no real idea of what I was doing the obvious next step was to melt all the wax again into a tin box from Bali and see what happened next.

 What happened was something a little pretty but not really carved or anything really.

 Somehow, something happened and after a long night I finally have my ring to take on Saturday.

If you have already followed this saga on facebook or instagram, stay tuned and we will all see what Saturday brings in a couple of sleeps xx

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